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The first step in this customized approach is to meet together and discuss what you’d like.  It can be anything from designing and creating a new and unique piece of jewelry, or bringing your heirloom pieces back to spectacular new life.

We’ll look at a range of options and possibilities that best reflect both your budget and personal aesthetics. Together we’ll examine a variety of stones, settings and styles from which to make your choice. This is a collaborative effort. I listen carefully to your ideas and desires so we can create the perfect expression of your vision.

Once you’re pleased and completely satisfied with your selection, a CAD drawing will be made.  This is a three dimensional color image that provides an accurate idea of what your piece will look like when it’s completed.

We’ll review the CAD drawing and modifications can be made if required. Then all that remains is your approval and the piece goes into the production cycle that can take from 2 to 6 weeks. 

When your piece is completed, I’ll examine it thoroughly to make sure it’s absolutely perfect and then send it to you.

Custom Process

The Final Results

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